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Condition monitoring is a long established practice for improving reliability in plants around the world. In the last decade, tools for analyzing and learning from collected data have increased the value and effectiveness of those monitoring technologies. Combining those advanced applications with world-class monitoring technologies is helping facilities take a next, critical step in their digital transformation journey

Join us for Emerson’s first Machinery Health Virtual User Conference – a look at how your peers are an essential part of the digital transformation in their facilities. Hear how they are implementing modern technology and software applications to achieve business goals and improve reliability.

The $200 registration fee for the inaugural event is waived for 2021, making it free for anyone to register.

Attendees to the event will have access to content on-demand following the event.

Top Reasons to Attend
  • Interact with condition monitoring experts and get an exclusive peek at what the future holds for key technologies.
  • Learn from practitioners like yourself how they have overcome common challenges.
  • Discover new products and strategies that could benefit your condition monitoring program.

Registration is now closed!
Please click the link below to access the Agenda:
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