Maximize yield with high purity of end products (99.99%) and bring down the OPEX on the valves scope along with predictive maintenance strategy
Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is a process that separates the impurities from gas mixture to produce gas product such as hydrogen, oxygen, or nitrogen. The gas separation takes place through a series of fixed bed absorbers with forward and reverse flows to switch the gases between parallel vessels by control valves. One of the biggest challenges for control valves in PSA is that they are expected to cycle as often as every few minutes while providing tight, bi-directional shut-off. Failure of control valves can directly affect gas separation and product purity, as well as increasing the maintenance cost needed for common failures such as shaft breakage, poor valve-actuator-positioner linkages, and valve leaking issue.

What's your opportunity?

  • Maximize PSA productivity and gas product purity with minimum maintenance needs on the control valves
  • Predictive Maintenance by using Smart Positioner (linkage-less design) which has Performance Diagnostic features to carry out a time-series online monitoring on valve health and performance
  • Automate valves with your choice of actuators

In average, 7 valves are required per vessel, where the number of control valves in PSA skids can exceed a hundred depending on PSA production capabilities. The control valves reliability in high-cycle requirements is extremely significant. Emerson offers complete control valve solutions with pneumatic actuator and Smart positioner with online diagnostic features.
Control Valve Solutions for Pressure Swing Adsorption
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Achieve Precise Valve Positioning

Linkage-less, non-contact FIELDVUE digital valve controllers are paired with Fisher™ control valves to achieve precise positioning accuracy and fast response to process changes, which can directly increase PSA unit efficiency, catalyst life, and profitability. With no linkage to wear, loosen, corrode, or vibrate, FIELDVUE digital valve controllers can handle harsh environments and nonstop cycling. FIELDVUE digital valve controllers offer integral 4-20 mA position feedback for explosion-proof or non-explosion-proof applications.
Media and Case Studies
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