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Decarbonization: Explore How Emerson is Supporting Decarbonization with Solutions Around Carbon Capture and Hydrogen
To meet our global climate ambitions in the next decade, our industries will need to reduce emissions by 50%. The hydrocarbon industry needs to find and progress on decarbonization pathways with set goals in the short and long term.

What does this mean for your operations?

Practical decarbonization can be enabled only by treating existing processes and infrastructure as essential and optimizing them to suit a new era of energy.

The emergent hydrogen economy is a huge opportunity in MEA. The global scale in natural gas production and lower energy costs are factors that support the creation of one of the Blue Hydrogen Hubs in the world. Existing gas transport infrastructure can be modified to transport a blend of gas and hydrogen and accelerate end use and adoption.

Similarly, carbon capture and CO2 injection processes have the potential to reduce carbon intensity of your operations, as well as improve production at upstream operations.

Here’s what we can do for you

Automation approaches can positively impact Blue Hydrogen processes by helping plants achieve optimum levels of Hydrogen Synthesis by optimizing Steam Methane Reforming performance.

Emerson’s integrated solutions can help customers achieve precise natural gas and hydrogen blends in their gas distribution networks.

Advanced measurement and control solutions can improve the efficiency of carbon capture and carbon dioxide injection operations.

At ADIPEC 2022, meet our experts and explore how our portfolio can kick-start your decarbonization journey.

Some of the solutions featured at Emerson in ADIPEC 2022:


  • Electrolysis – Green Hydrogen
  • Optimized Steam Methane Reforming – Blue Hydrogen
  • Integrated Nat. Gas Blending Solutions
  • Hydrogen Dispensing

Carbon Capture:

  • Carbon Capture & WAG Injection Solution

Talk to us, and let’s get started!
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