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High Availability for the Price of a Spare
In PLC/PACs and Edge Controllers – Implementing Redundancy is Now Fast and Affordable
As PLC/PAC and edge control applications become more critical and the demand for efficiency and uptime increases, the need for redundancy and high availability in these applications becomes essential. Traditionally, however, redundancy hasn’t been implemented in PLC-based systems due to complexity and cost.

Now, all of that has changed and modern PLC and controller technology, such as that from Emerson, makes it possible to implement high availability in these systems easily, rapidly and at a cost little greater than a spare part. It is simple and cost-effective to assure that edge control technology is available without interruption. This white paper, “High Availability for the Price of a Spare,” explains how.

In this paper, you’ll learn:

  • The traditional barriers to PLC redundancy
  • How two controllers can be made to run in parallel, fully synchronized
  • The requirements for high availability
  • Choosing the most economical approach for your application
  • Why hot standby is the hot choice

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