Balanced Diaphragm and Bellows Leak Detection
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Crosby™ Balanced Diaphragm
The Crosby J-Series with Balanced Diaphragm technology eliminates the need for
bellows in pressure relief valves, providing lower costs and improved performance.
Features and Customer Benefits

  • 20% greater back pressure handling improves reliability during back pressure surges.
  • 15% improvement in Kb factor enables sizing of smaller and/or fewer valves.
  • 100x more resilient than metal bellows for high-frequency cycling, ensuring safety.
  • Same springs as standard JOS valves reducing spare parts and inventory costs.
  • Cycle, burst and fire tested and independently witnessed by Lloyd’s Register.
  • Easily convert existing Crosby J-Series with Balanced Diaphragm upgrade kits.
Crosby™ Bellows Leak Detection
The Crosby J-Series Bellows Leak Detection solution ensures balanced operation,
reduces fugitive emissions and provides instant notification of a bellows failure.
Features and Customer Benefits

  • Instant notification of bellows rupture allows effective maintenance protocol.
  • Detection of small ruptures, from 0.0009in2 (D orifice).
  • Ensured balanced operation after bellows rupture enhances safety.
  • Leakage volumetric calculation in real-time for risk assessment and decision making. 
  • Over 90% reduction of leakage through bonnet vent.
  • Easily enhance existing Crosby J-Series with Bellows Leak Detection upgrade kits.
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