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Reaching your production goals often depends on the ability of your maintenance staff to continuously monitor production assets, but manual checks are time-consuming and costly, and could put your people in hazardous situations.  Emerson’s remote monitoring solutions can provide accurate and reliable asset data from anywhere inside or outside your operation, keeping your people safe from harm and your goals still within reach. In this webinar series we will detail new technologies available for monitoring a wide range of assets in the plant, and the communication tools for delivering actionable information to the right person at the right time.

Webinar #1: Edge Analytics for Automated Monitoring of Assets Remotely

Join us to learn how AMS Asset Monitor utilizes CHARMs-based technology to automatically collect both vibration and process data from a variety of asset types and sensors. AMS Asset Monitor automatically applies embedded edge analytics to inform personnel remotely to the most common faults and current health of a wide range of assets. Operations, Process and Reliability staff can all assist in monitoring plant assets from anywhere.

9 a.m. CT – Austin | 3 p.m. – London | 6 p.m. – Dubai | 10 p.m. – Singapore / Manila

Webinar #2: Utilizing IIoT Wireless Vibration Solutions to monitor Your Assets

Join us to learn how Emerson’s AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor extends your reliability program to an unprecedented number of plant assets affordably – including those in hazardous or hard to reach areas – and deliver maximum visibility to asset health. The AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor provides an automated monitoring solution without the usual engineering, cabling, or installation costs. It provides rich information about machinery health for both operations and maintenance personnel that can be accessed remotely from anywhere.

9 a.m. CT – Austin | 3 p.m. – London | 6 p.m. – Dubai | 10 p.m. – Singapore / Manila

Webinar #3: Integrating Solutions to Enable Remote Monitoring

Join us to learn how Emerson’s Plantweb™ Optics drives predictive maintenance to identify, collaborate, and take action around unhealthy assets. Aggregate data by utilizing existing infrastructure and incorporate tools such as visualization, mobility, augmented reality, CMMS integration, and persona messaging to streamline remote work processes.

9 a.m. CT – Austin | 3 p.m. – London | 6 p.m. – Dubai | 10 p.m. – Singapore / Manila
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