Creating Certainty in Uncertain Times in Tanks Management and Terminals
Join us in this webinar series to learn more about ensuring the safety of your operation, reducing proactive maintenance, and maximizing terminal capacity while mitigating risks.
Our experts are ready to help you create certainty during these uncertain times. During this global pandemic, Emerson, together with John H. Carter Company is committed in providing expertise so you can manage and monitor operations, while mitigating risks and increasing shell capacity.

In this joint effort between Emerson and John H. Carter Company, we would like to invite you and your team to join us in this series of 1 hour webinars scheduled in your area.

Tuesday, August 18th, 9-10:15am CDT
Module 1: Occupational Safety
"Remove workers from high risk Interactive jobs through smart technology"
  • Location Awareness
  • Safety Shower Monitoring
  • Ensuring Lineup Integrity

Thursday, August 20th, 9-10:15am CDT
Module 2: Asset Integrity
"Reduce Field trips through proactive equipment monitoring"
  • Roof Tilt Monitoring
  • Pump Monitoring
  • Corrosion Monitoring
  • Reduced Isolation Valve Total Cost of Ownership

Tuesday, August 25th, 9-10:15am CDT
Module 3: Movement Optimization
"Increase shell capacity and mitigate custody losses"
  • Increased Shell Capacity
  • Mitigate Product Custody Losses
  • Tank Protection

Thursday, August 27th, 9-10:15am CDT
Module 4: Business Optimization
"Maximize revenue streams with workflows and centralized intelligence"
  • Demanned Truck Loading
  • Optimized Scheduling
  • Near Real Time Order to Cash 

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