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New Webinar Series:
Demystifying the Journey to Autonomous
Production Operations
Discover How to Optimize Your Operations Using Automation,
IIoT and Cloud-based Software
Join us to learn how to effortlessly integrate data from any source to rapidly enable better business decisions while increasing production, profits and sustainability. During this 4-part webinar series, we will help you see how to evolve your operation by leveraging secure, cloud-based technologies for Oil and Gas. We will be sharing a number of case studies where customers are successfully driving down costs while maximizing production by capitalizing on remote surveillance, data aggregation and control, optimization and analytics, and much more.

We look forward to having you join us for this insightful series on how to begin the Journey to Autonomous Operations using Emerson's new Zedi Cloud SCADA Solutions!

Webinar Series:
Demystifying the Journey to Autonomous Production Operations

Webinar 1:
Jumpstart Your Roadmap to Digital Transformation (45 minutes)
[Recording now available]

Webinar 2:
Reducing LOE in a Volatile Oil & Gas Market (45 minutes)
[Recording now available]

Webinar 3:
Maximizing Limited CAPEX to Optimize Production Across Your Wellpad (45 minutes)
[Recording now available]

Webinar 4:
Putting Autonomous Operations within Your Sights (45 minutes)
[Recording now available]
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