Air Separation Optimization
Get an Expert Breakdown for Air Separation Optimization
Air Separation Tank
Many industrial processes require various gases in large volumes as feed-stocks and for ancillary applications. Chemical and petrochemical complexes are the largest segment of the market at 25%. These plants and facilities use oxygen, nitrogen and argon for multiple purposes throughout the plant.

Download the e-book and learn how to address the following challenges:

  • Liquefying air, which requires enormous compressor and refrigeration capacity, with the energy to drive it
  • Removing contaminants with membranes and molecular sieves, which requires regeneration
  • Cooling and removing contaminants, which consumes large volumes of water
  • Cryogenic temperatures, which pose a variety of hazards
  • Concentrations of leaking nitrogen that can displace oxygen and endanger operators
  • Concentrations of leaking oxygen that can accelerate combustion if given an opportunity
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