Lifecycle Services Roadshow 2022
14:00 - 15:10
Session 1: Operate with Confidence. Optimize your Investment. – Keynote Presentations
In the first keynote presentation, Tricia will talk about how System Uptime, Efficiency, and overall Useful Life all factor when looking to maximize your ROI. She will provide insights on what you need to have in your arsenal to drive maximum throughput, how to leverage new technologies to optimize operations and reduce variability, and how Emerson can work alongside you in your system Lifecycle Journey.

The second keynote presentation from ChowYang and Kenneth will focus on DeltaV Updates and Enhancements. DeltaV Distributed Control System continues its tradition of combining ease of use, full-scale control capabilities, and powerful system integration to enhance plant performance and provide safer, more environmentally efficient manufacturing processes. In DeltaV v14, the enhancements include DeltaV Live Operator Interface, MTP Capabilities enhanced with Merge Utilities, and Spectral PAT. These are all designed to improve situational awareness for operators and help users achieve quick integration and connectivity even with complex subsystems.
Tricia Dimaano
Director, Lifecycle Services - Asia Pacific
ChowYang Neo
Senior Director Marketing and Planning, Asia Pacific
Kenneth Tan
Marketing Manager
15:10 - 15:20
15:20 - 15:50
Session 2.1: Cybersecurity - Defense-in-Depth Security and Strategy
This session will focus on OT cybersecurity solutions as a key element in enabling secure connectivity, protecting the customer’s control system, and avoiding downtime due to cyber-attacks.

Defense-in-depth strategies use layers of security to force threats to overcome more than one protective mechanism (safeguard).

Emerson can cover all your OT cybersecurity needs. Key areas of coverage for a complete cybersecurity solution are defined by ISA/IEC 62443 as follows: Assess, Develop, Implement, Maintain. Emerson provides solutions in each area and can be your one-stop shop for cybersecurity.
Kingston Ng
Cybersecurity Business Development Manager
Session 2.2: AMS Device Manager v14.5 Overview
Emerson continues to INVEST and LEAD in Device Management solutions. With this most recent release, AMS Device Manager v14.5 became the first Field Device Integration (FDI) registered host in the market, enabling more straightforward device configuration and maintenance. In addition, we'll talk about enhancements on AMS Device View, HART-IP, Bulk Configuration, and Alert Management.
Anna Velena
Product Manager, AMS Device Manager
Michael Chan
Product Manager, AMS Device Manager
Session 2.3: High Performance Operations Experience through DeltaV Live
Today's operators are being asked to do more and consider more data when making decisions. In a report released by the Chemical Manufacturers' Association, around a quarter of plant incidents are attributed to operator error. Operators must recognize issues faster, easily process information, and readily adapt to changes. In this session, Jofer and Alvin will explain how DeltaV Live's intuitive and user-friendly interface puts the power back in the users' hands, so operators perform and operations run at peak performance.
Jofer P. Princesa
Strategic Planning & Marketing Manager
Alvin Ribano
Lifecycle Services Program Manager
15:50 - 16:20
Session 3.1:  ISA18.2 Alarm Management and How do I Make a Start for My Plant?
Join Chow Yang and Shwu Ling to discover the critical elements of ISA18.2 and their implications.

These are the few points that they will feature in their discussion:
- Why is the ISA18.2 Lifecycle consideration important?
- What are the common mistakes that people make when configuring alarms?
- Where can you apply advanced techniques like shelving and dynamic management?
ChowYang Neo
Senior Director Marketing and Planning, Asia Pacific
Shwu Ling Lim
Alarm Management Specialist, Senior Engineer
Session 3.2: Introduction to Plantweb Optics Data Lake
Atul will talk about the Plantweb Optics Data Lake in this session - a modern OT data connectivity, data management, and data repository solution built to accelerate your digital transformation programs. Inspired by IT design principles, Plantweb Optics Data Lake can integrate with anything, store everything, and scale out easily. With Plantweb Optics Data Lake, you eliminate OT data silos, collect and contextualize structured and unstructured data, and easily integrate OT data with IT tools and cloud applications.
Atul Tripathi
Senior Solutions Architect Manager, Asia Pacific
16:20 - 17:00
Session 4.1: Using Analytics to Drive Plant Improvements
There is much talk and discussion in the industry about deploying AI/ML technologies for optimization, predictive applications, maintenance planning, and scheduling. Many industrial users still struggle with identifying the use case for the application of analytics so that their pilots and experiments not only generate meaningful ROI but are also scalable. In this session, ChowYang and Elvin will discuss Emerson's approach to analytics. Our out-of-box solutions provide an easy starting point for customers to take advantage of analytics and realize the benefits and scalability of this platform for broader applications.
ChowYang Neo
Senior Director Marketing and Planning, Asia Pacific
Elvin John
Senior Business Development Manager, DX and Analytics
Session 4.2: Digital Twin Provides Benefits Across the Lifecycle of a Plant
In this session, ChowYang and Maneesh will provide an overview of the Digital Twin and its general applications. They will address concerns regarding the cost-effectiveness and ease of maintaining the solution. They will focus on the concepts of scalability, fidelity, and flexibility and why these are key to implementing a Digital Twin. Virtual Reality in Digital Twin will also be discussed, its practical applications versus just following trends.
ChowYang Neo
Senior Director Marketing and Planning, Asia Pacific
Maneesh Bahadur Singh
Digital Twin Specialist, Principal Engineer
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