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Emerson Innovation Day 2020

Digital Transformation in Action
Maintenance 4.0 for Field and Process Assets 
Tuesday, May 12th 2020 | 11:00AM BST
Tuesday, May 12th 2020 | 14:00AM BST (Re-run)

Get quick insight on your key assets with a scalable and open IoT platform
Get instant visibility to key assets, enabling you to make better, faster decisions to digitally transform your operations. Our solution easily integrates with existing infrastructure and delivers a scalable web based visualization environment for simple implementation.

Smart and Proactive Maintenance: Get the right information to the right people at the right time
As the world embraces a new age of digital transformation, staying on top of asset health in the plant has become easier than ever before. Advanced communication tools keep personnel in touch to collaborate on developing production issues. Data from predictive intelligence applications and analytical tools are aggregated to create a holistic picture of asset health. And all this information is available anytime and from anywhere.

Data Analytics and Machine Learning: How To Drive the Plant of the Future
Using digital transformation principles to improve operational performance and decision-making involves turning vast amounts of data into actionable insights. Designed to accelerate decision-making, Plantweb Advisor is a suite of analytical applications that empower your reliability, process and energy experts with critical information about equipment health and efficiency, as well as energy consumption and emissions. 
Managing Plant Availability & Delayed STO Risk Mitigation Strategies    
Thursday, May 14th 2020 | 11:00AM BST
Thursday, May 14th 2020 | 14:00AM BST (Re-run)

Maintenance Strategy: Enable Plant Uptime for Maximum Throughput and Minimum Safety Incidents
Is your maintenance strategy still based on break and fix or are you applying advanced maintenance processes? How are you managing asset obsolescence and your installed base? Learn what top quartile performers do to achieve maximum asset availability and close the skills gap and how Emerson can help you reach the same results.

Connected Services : Diagnostics and Asset Monitoring more powerful than ever before, with secure connectivity technologies
Pair your teams with Emerson experts to get more value from your equipment data. Certified analysts provide frequent monitoring reports and alerts using asset specific applications. Actionable insights are reviewed by subject matter experts to improve the speed of your process, quality of product output and overall profitability.

Digital Turnarounds: Using Digital Tools to Plan and Optimize Shutdowns
Combine wireless sensing, predictive diagnostics, and data analytics technology with Emerson’s Lifecycle Services expertise to provide Shutdowns scope and schedule assurance, minimize emergent & discovery work, reducing labor and materials costs by up to 10 percent while  shortening schedules by up to 6 percent.
Digitally Transform Device & Operations Management 
Tuesday, May 19th 2020 | 11:00AM BST
Tuesday, May 19th 2020 | 14:00AM BST (Re-run)

Digitally Transform Field Device Management and Commissioning
Learn how the latest advances in commissioning, predicting and diagnosing the health of field instruments and valves enable you to keep these devices configured and operating effectively, protecting the reliability of your production equipment.

Digital Transformation Journey: Take Remote Monitoring to the Edge
Let’s define what the Edge is. One of the main technologies for creating value from little data is edge computing, whereby process data, machine data and sensor data are collected and historized at the machine level, generating key insights and analytics. Industrial markets are talking about edge technology and the remarkable advantages it brings to IIoT and Industry 4.0. Edge has become a buzzword with many voices defining it and maintaining how it should be done. The claims have led to a lot of misconceptions as to what edge technology is, what it does and who needs it. This introduction is designed to answer some of those questions and provide a guide for users, systems integrators and OEMs who want to explore this important IIoT advance.

Digital Twin: Faster Start-up & Stay up of your Facility
As decision-makers in the process industry embrace Digital Transformation to improve visibility over their businesses, to increase their asset reliability and to optimize their operations, it is imperative to consider a Digital Twin as the first step of this transformation. The Emerson Digital Twin is a key technology of our Plantweb Digital Ecosystem which leads to top quartile operation performance for our customers.

Mobility Solutions: Remove the Confines of the Control Room
Reshape the status quo by delivering an entirely new operational experience, allowing you to view real-time process data, historical trends, and receive alarm notifications direct from the DCS to your mobile device.
How to Implement and Benefit from Digital Transformation 
Thursday, May 21st 2020 | 11:00AM BST
Thursday, May 21st 2020 | 14:00AM BST (Re-run)

Known Solutions to Known Problems: A Roadmap to Digital Transformation
Learn about successful implementations of Digital Transformation and how Emerson can help you replicate success at your site. We can help you identify the gaps and deploy proven solutions to known problems.

Wireless Plant & Fields Networks: The Cornerstone of your Digital Transformation
Deploy fully wireless industrial IoT solutions in even the largest of hazardous environments, combining the power of WirelessHART and Wifi. Collect data from thousands of sensors in the field, and link to the wider network so the data can be delivered to where it's needed.

Erosion and Corrosion Monitoring: Digitally Transform your Readings
Deploy fast, accurate and high-resolution inline corrosion and erosion monitoring. Non-intrusive and continuous monitoring of corrosion, erosion and localized attacks inside pipelines and process piping.

Real Fluid Control and Pneumatics solutions to accelerate the digital transformation
The Fluid Control & Pneumatics Roadmap features recent and future innovations from our ASCO, AVENTICS, TESCOM and TopWorx brands. There are a number of new solutions from these signature brands that highlight our capabilities around Digital Transformation, Safety and Reliability. To support our customers Digital Transformation journey, we have various IIoT solutions that deliver actionable insights through the visualization of data. Our Safety solutions focus on reducing risk to plants and personnel. The Reliability focused solutions serve the productivity by reducing the frequency, duration and impact of planned and unplanned events.
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