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Emerson Innovation Day - The Online Series

Digital Transformation in Action
Join our Innovation Day Online Series to Explore how Digital Transformation Enhances Your Work Processes Today

  • Get inspired to explore the power of digital transformation in the context of daily life.
  • Explore available solutions to known problems in your industry, supported by industry experts.
  • Learn about new product launches powered by the latest automation technology.
  • Get concrete actionable plans with immediate ROI to deploy digital technology.

Maintenance 4.0 for Field and Process Assets 
Tuesday, May 12th 2020 | 11:00AM BST
Tuesday, May 12th 2020 | 14:00AM BST (Re-run)
Duration: 60 min

In this session you will understand how to drive your maintenance through automated workflow, leading to move from preventive to proactive maintenance.

Digital platform and software will be exposed to track concrete asset use to enable cross collaboration and get high quality data analytics through machine learning.
Managing Plant Availability & Delayed STO Risk Mitigation Strategies    
Thursday, May 14th 2020 | 11:00AM BST
Thursday, May 14th 2020 | 14:00AM BST (Re-run)
Duration: 60 min

This stream focuses on the various ways the digitalization of your operation transforms the whole management of your plant, critical assets and field devices lifecycle.

From start-up to stable operation, from STOs to the optimization of your assets' performance, learn how to leverage data and associated expertise to optimize your performance at every step of the way.
Digitally Transform Device & Operations Management 
Tuesday, May 19th 2020 | 11:00AM BST
Tuesday, May 19th 2020 | 14:00AM BST (Re-run)
Duration: 60 min

This stream focuses on a selection of solutions that reshape the status quo of device and operational management. Learn about an innovative approach to streamline commissioning of field instrumentation and valves, how the digital twin provides insight on what operators can expect, and using and acting on operational data from the DCS from your mobile device.
How to Implement and Benefit from Digital Transformation 
Thursday, May 21st 2020 | 11:00AM BST
Thursday, May 21st 2020 | 14:00AM BST (Re-run)
Duration: 60 min

In this session, we highlight the roadmap, key connectivity components as Wireless or Field Network needed and one technology example (erosion/corrosion) to show the benefits of Digital Transformation.
This series of virtual events is free but requires pre-registration. Please use the form on the right to fast-track your registration.

We look forward to your participation!
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