Early Alarm System Ensures Water Safety and Quality

Ensuring that the water being delivered to communities is safe, free of contaminants, and of the highest quality are top priorities for water utilities around the world. Utilities must have effective security policies and procedures in place and that job is more complex than ever before.

The only way to detect a problem in the water is to identify changes in the water composition and understand what various changes could indicate. In order to detect any change, utilities must continuously monitor on-line, both the raw and processed water throughout the system to get a baseline for the normal water composition. This monitoring provides an early warning system that includes a variety of critical water quality measurement data. Among the measurements are pH, ORP, conductivity, free chlorine, monochloramine, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. The measurement is key to understanding the proper composition of the water system at each stage of the distribution network and thus allowing plant operators to proactively detect contamination.

Emerson provides a complete system for water quality protection that provide continuous online water quality monitoring to ensure water safety and security. It offers customized instrument options to measure pH, ORP, Conductivity, Free Chlorine, Monochloramine, DO and Turbidity.

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