Learn new solutions for common pH measurement challenges

Many water treatment plants need to be modernized in order to meet new regulations. In the past, an operator had to walk into the plant to grab water samples and bring them back to the lab for analysis. Today, such pains are alleviated with wireless communication.

Wireless analytical instruments can be integrated with other wireless measurements like pressure and temperature and connected to the plant’s existing network and asset management systems so that vital data can be captured continuously and automatically, reducing potential error.

A case in point is an LNG plant, the largest in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Due to the physical constraints and economic considerations, the LNG plant had not been able to implement online pH measurement for its effluent before discharging it into the sea. The monitoring and reporting of process wastewater was done manually which was a time-consuming and unreliable process. A new wireless solution from Emerson allows the plant to conduct real-time, online pH monitoring of the effluent, resulting in savings of over 1,000 hours of labor and increasing reporting accuracy.

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