White Paper

Detect hazardous material releases in challenging areas with the Emerson™ gas and smoke aspirator system.

The Emerson™ Gas & Smoke Aspirator System provides reliable and long-lasting smoke and gas detection in extreme environments. Typical in situ methods require extensive pipework, have sensors that experience short operating life, and contain sensors that lose sensitivity over time due to climate conditions. This white paper focuses on benefits that the power generation, oil & gas, and wastewater industries can take advantage of using our reliable, externally placed, and compact aspirator technology. We will explore the complexities of gas stream monitoring in duct, cost advantages of our aspirator system, and the unique device features that can help enhance personnel safety at your site.

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Learn how the Emerson gas and smoke aspirator system can benefit your facility including:

  • Reliable, continuous monitoring of hazardous gases in difficult to reach areas
  • Simplified plumbing saves time and money
  • Convenient device location increases worker safety
  • In line calibration and testing

To learn more please download our white paper.