White Paper

Leverage transmitter-style gas chromatographs to reduce CAPEX by up to 50% and footprint by up to 40%

Current gas quality measurement requirements are driving the need for analysis of both sulfur compounds and natural gas composition in pipeline and gas processing applications using a gas chromatograph (GC). Conventional air-bath oven GCs capable of supporting these measurements are expensive, complex large platforms unsuitable for field-installation without elaborate analyzer shelters, adding significant capital and operating costs.

This white paper explores the industry’s first field-mountable, transmitter-style gas chromatograph capable of providing measurement of sulfur compounds and energy content of natural gas in a single, compact explosion-proof analyzer, reducing cost and footprint.

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Learn how to:

  • Avoid the wasteful strategy of using two separate analyzers for sulfur measurement and heating value analysis
  • Replace up to four analyzers with one Rosemount 700XA Gas Chromatograph as a practical solution to the measurement of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), energy content, hydrocarbon dewpoint, as well as trace-level speciation and quantification of total sulfur compounds
  • Leverage the field-mountable design of transmitter-type GCs to minimize installation, footprint and ownership costs
  • Tap into embedded automation capabilities and remote connectivity to simplify operation