White Paper

What to consider before you purchase your next GC

The Type of Gas Chromatograph Oven and Shelter Matters
When evaluating a GC for a new capital project or considering optimizing existing installations, hydrocarbon processing facilities often focus on purchasing a GC that can handle the application at the best price and only consider the cost of the GC. This approach ignores some of the largest expenses that are ultimately required for the installation and operation of the GC, which leaves significant CAPEX and OPEX savings on the table.

In this white paper, we will review the enormous impact of hidden costs in GC installations and steps to avoid them.

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Learn how to:

  • Evaluate GC oven types, their total cost of ownership and application fit
  • Gain insights into GC shelter choices and side-by-side cost comparison
  • Select the right GC shelter based on application and environment demands
  • Leverage the cost benefits and advantages of field-mountable, transmitter-style GCs