White Paper

Download the White Paper About this Unique Method for Overfill Prevention

The title of this new white paper is "Applying a Single 2-in-1 Radar Level Gauge as the Sensor in Both the BPCS and SIS Independent Protection Layers”. It explains how the 2-in-1 solution enables you to fulfill your safety and measurement needs. It also addresses requirements related to independence, technology diversification and compliance with the IEC 61511 and API 2350 standards.

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Find out how the 2-in-1 solution can reduce cost and risk of overfills by providing:

  • Continuous back-up level measurement with highest accuracy
  • Independent level data for both Basic Process Control System (BPCS) and SIS protection layers
  • Installation cost savings by using the same tank opening for both measurement and overfill prevention
  • Proof testing that can be done automatically from the control room without affecting tank operations

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