Solving Gas Flow Measurement Problems

Complex and difficult gas field flow applications can be solved with the use of high performance multivariable transmitters.

Accurately measuring flow on a gas wellhead that utilizes a plunger lift system can be a formidable challenge, and one with severe financial consequences if not done properly. While a plunger lift system solves the problem of resuming the flow of gas in mature wells, it creates another set of challenges of its own. With every plunger cycle, the system subjects flow meters to large pressure spikes with wide flow rate variations. As the plunger cycle repeats itself, it makes it impossible for conventional transmitters to accurately measure the flow of gas.

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Download this white paper to learn how to:

  • Reduce profit loss due to inaccurate flow rate measurement.
  • Simplify installation and minimize issues encountered at well-head sites.
  • Capture flow data with a high degree of accuracy, at any pressure.