White Paper

Save Money and Time in High-Purity Water pH Measurement

Every plant with boilers or steam turbines faces the issue of corrosion, but if your application requires high-pressure boilers using high-purity water, the challenge doubles. Most general-purpose pH sensors, which are the first line of certainty that your water treatment is balanced and on track, don’t function in water with conductivity below 50 μS/cm. Traditionally, specialized pH instruments have been required for this application, but they add complexity, maintenance, and cost.

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Learn How To

  • Save money by avoiding the consumables required by specialized high-purity water pH sensors
  • Increase sensor life 4x
  • Reduce water usage by 2/3
  • Shorten time in the field by 60%

Download this white paper for details on how to solve this costly problem.

A Complete Liquid Analysis Portfolio from One Trusted Supplier
Emerson can supply the full range of liquid analysis technologies, including pH/ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, chlorine, and turbidity.