Real-time wall thickness and temperature measurement for safer and more profitable operations

Real-time data delivery can tell you how your plant or asset is dealing with corrosion or erosion demands. With reliable corrosion or erosion events detection online, you’ll be able to take control long before hydrocarbon containment loss occurs.

In this case studies pack, you’ll see how others have made better-informed decisions around maintenance and replacement timing, operating limits and feedstock purchasing by wirelessly monitoring for metal loss from corrosion or erosion in piping, vessels and pipelines. See for yourself the benefits of continuous monitoring with Emerson’s non-intrusive corrosion and erosion monitoring solutions.

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Learn More:

  • Monitor plant integrity remotely and get real-time wall thickness
  • Detect and measure corrosion or erosion rates with unprecedented speed and accuracy
  • Safe, quick and easy to install on operating plants: no cabling required

A Complete Corrosion Monitoring Portfolio from One Trusted Supplier. Emerson can supply the full range of corrosion and erosion monitoring technologies, including inline corrosion or erosion probes, acoustic sand detectors and field signature method (FSM).