White Paper

Overcome measurement challenges while meeting process development goals.

Adopting Single-Use Technologies minimizes the need for sterilization and the associated expenses for WFI, chemicals, energy consumption, and supporting infrastructure. Single-Use also offers newfound flexibility to scale operations up and down. Many of these processes are automated and require monitoring from pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) instrumentation.

As biopharmaceutical manufacturing evolves, producers are looking for scalable solutions with reliable performance. This white paper will show how pharmaceutical manufacturers can overcome instrumentation challenges for measuring critical process parameters such as pH and DO. With the right instrumentation, Single-Use processing advantages are significant enough to prompt many pharmaceutical manufacturers into retrofitting existing bioreactors to Single-Use processes, or to apply Single-Use techniques to new applications.

White Paper Outline:

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  • Traditional Processing Challenges
  • Single-Use Processing Advantages
  • Single-Use Process Instrumentation Challenges
  • Requirements for pH
  • Solutions for Single-Use pH and Sensor Performances
  • Requirements for DO
  • Single-Use Applications