About Us | User Driven Enhancement Program
About Us | User Driven Enhancement Program
1. What is the User Driven Enhancement Program?

As part of Emerson’s commitment to innovation, continuous improvement, and close collaboration with customers, the User Driven Enhancement Program (UDEP) was created to give the Emerson user community a coordinated voice to directly participate in and influence Emerson’s product enhancement plans. The program provides a formal mechanism for users to directly input and drive the development of specific enhancement ideas to existing functionality they value most and would like to see in Emerson Automation Solutions offerings. A representative from the UDEP Customer Committee is charged and empowered to manage the idea evaluation and selection process for DeltaV™, Asset Reliability (Machinery Health and AMS™ Suite), and PlantWeb™ related enhancement ideas.

2. How does the UDEP work?

Throughout the year, Emerson Automation Solutions users can submit enhancement ideas via an online input form located at www.UserIdeas-Emerson.com. A focused UDEP Customer Committee directly manages the review, prioritization, and selection process for DeltaV, Asset Reliability (Machinery Health and AMS Suite), and PlantWeb related enhancement ideas. Each year, the UDEP Committee works through a rigorous evaluation process to prioritize the list of enhancement ideas. In collaboration with Emerson, each enhancement on the top of this prioritized list is assigned a “point cost” based on the required development effort. The UDEP Committee then selects which ideas are implemented by Emerson in future releases by “spending” from an established UDEP budget. Set Emerson resources and development funding are committed specifically for UDEP considerations.

3. What is the UDEP Committee?

The UDEP Committee is the core user decision body for the UDEP. The committee is made up of a team of leading users who wish to see and closely drive specific enhancements in DeltaV, Asset Reliability (Machinery Health and AMS Suite), or PlantWeb related functionality. Through the UDEP, the committee is charged and empowered to review, prioritize, and select user enhancement ideas that are developed by Emerson and incorporated in future releases. Collaborating closely with Emerson, the committee works with set Emerson resources and development funding to put user enhancement ideas to action. The UDEP Committee consists of voting members from a balance of major served process industries to represent the broader Emerson user community.

4. How does a user get on the committee?

There is a UDEP Committee candidate application that can be filled out and submitted to Emerson with facilitation from a customer’s Emerson sales lead. Applications will be reviewed by a cross-functional Emerson management selection team. In addition to balancing industry and world area representation, several other criteria as listed on the application will be considered. Requirements include a candidate’s ability to commit the required time to the program, including travel to Emerson (U.S.) twice a year and the ability to serve for a three-year term. For additional information, email the UDEP at udep.marketing@emerson.com.

UDEP Committee Member Companies
DeltaV Committee
Reliability Committee
• BP
• Celanese
• DOW Chemical Company
• Eastman Chemical
• Eli Lilly
• ExxonMobil
• Lonza Biologics
• Lubrizol
• LyondellBasell
• Merck
• Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
• Shell
• Archer Daniel Midland company
• Cargill
• Cascades Inc
• Celanese
• LyondellBasell
• Nova Chemicals
• Rio Tinto
• Nova Chemical
• Shell
• Tucson Electric
• Valero
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